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Note to GTF- 60 minute sessions are approved by your insurance at this time 2018/19. 

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Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery

Massage can address whiplash, strains/ sprains, pain, numbness, difficulty with balance, anxiety, sleeping difficulties and more. It helps to improve range of motion, reduce pain and balance the structure. Creating a plan for your care is essential and unique to every individual. 

Collaborative Care

Collaborative care, at Eugene complete wellness, might mean any combination of massage, chiropractic care and acupuncture.  We strive to communicate and create a cohesive and synergistic care plan, utilizing individual skills, training and techniques and complementary resources to support client empowerment and wellness.

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Holistic Healing

Whole Being Care. 



Over two years ago, when I was in the process of really learning how to take good care of myself, I injured my foot, which was a demoralizing setback both physically and emotionally. I looked to standard medicine, but my doctors weren’t really hearing me, and they offered cookie-cutter solutions that didn’t treat my pain or my actual injury. Several of my friends—and I do mean several—referred me to Nikkie Lattion, and they all hailed her as a wizard massage therapist. I had never had a professional massage before, and I was very anxious about it, but Nikkie made me feel immediately so comfortable and so heard that she has been an indispensable partner in my self-care ever since.

        Nikkie’s treatment has been life-changing for me, and I don’t make this statement lightly. I have never known anyone to listen so carefully or ask such astute questions about what is happening with my body, and what is happening with me spiritually and emotionally that is being played out physically. Once I started seeing Nikkie, the improvements to my pain were immediate and, what’s more, she was able to tell me how what I thought was an isolated injury was actually part of a far more interconnected problem of misalignment. Nikkie saw beyond what I thought was bothering me, and considered my body holistically to treat the source rather than the symptom, which was all the poor solution institutional medicine had offered me.

As part of her treatment, Nikkie has taught me so much about how the tangled problems with our bodies are also linked to the tangled problems with how we try to manage life. So I’ve learned from Nikkie how to better take into account the full picture of my health, and how to listen to what I, as a complete person, need to feel well and good. I’m constantly amazed by Nikkie’s commitment to her work and her clients. Since I’ve known her, she’s always learning more about healing, adding to her already considerable expertise, talent, and intuition. It’s always so clear how seriously Nikkie takes her treatment and care of me that I can’t imagine trusting anyone more. I would and do recommend her enthusiastically to anyone who’s experiencing pain. No one could ask for a more skilled, thoughtful, and kind guide in the healing process.



Postdoctoral Fellow

About me....





I have been practicing massage since 2007 in holistic health settings with a wide variety of health focuses from women’s care to injury recovery to managing chronic pain. 


I have studied many physical, mental, energetic and emotional components to the healing journey, including the impact that an imbalanced emotional/ spiritual system can have on the physical body. The mind-body connection plays an important role for many people on their journey to wellness.


Craniosacral can be an important ally in providing self-care and balance during stressful life transitions or painful physical issues. I greatly advocate mindfulness, intuition and self-care on the journey to finding health.




 The balance of the structure is vital to living without pain, having energy and feeling positive about life.  I do take into account what each individual needs for their bodies healing process and what they feel they need at the time. For this reason, I may mix up some techniques to provide the best results for each individual.  I utilize a combination of visceral manipulation, craniosacral, somatic emotional release, myofascial release and deep tissue to help balance the structure of the body while releasing stress. 



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